GAD Diaries Update and Announcement!

My special announcement to my readers of GAD Diaries. 

I decide to take this whole series into a further step; a video blog format! The whole purpose of making a video blog or known as v-log these days, is to expand this series into various platforms. By introducing this into other platforms, I am able to diversify my skill in presenting myself virtually (since I have not able to speak things properly in English due to the fact I am a bit of socially awkward, etc. ) and also mainly for the further experience's purposes. I will still put the updates here and also will notify you guys the next post/videos of my GAD series very soon.

So, down here is a link to my main channel. The channel is called as Feelcat. ( I am such a childish I know haha )

You can also check out my other videos as well to see more v-logs and weird updates or videos. I will see you guys soon in my future post. Thank You.